Moroccan Tea Cups Collection

Moroccan tea cups are beautiful handmade products for Moroccan tea time, Moroccan coffee time, or traditional Moroccan mint tea. Our collection of Moroccan tea cups includes handmade moroccan artisanal tea glass and others. All our handmade items are made by reputable artisans at a small family-run factory located in Marrakech, Morocco.
Our handmade teacups from Marrakech, Morocco are a must-have for any home.

Enchant your table with our complete and exclusive range of elegant Moroccan tea cups
Handmade Marrakech glassware is functional and versatile for drinking, candlelight, or sophisticated gifts. Every cup of Moroccan tea is made by skilled artisans in Morocco. We are committed to empowering women craftswomen through fair and sustainable economic opportunities.
Including a significant sense of joy and relaxation, Moroccan tea culture is steeped in traditions passed down from generation to generation. Some say that it’s the invention of the Turkish coffee pot that made Moroccan tea a popular drink all around North Africa.
The company Marrakeche Crafts offers different types of cups, glasses, sometimes longer if we are out of an item or doing custom work on one order.
Now your tea time can be as distinctive and creative as you want it to be.