Moroccan Serving Trays Collection

Serve your guests with style. Let them know you care for them. There is a big selection of handmade brass trays, handpainted trays, This serving set will make a marvelous centerpiece for any tablescape, as well as an attractive addition to all classic white notepads and brown paper products, and Moroccan trays in our collection. Here are a few examples of Moroccan trays.
The elegant design of the tray gives a touch of old Morocco to your home decor.
The Moroccan Tea Set from Marrakech Crafts is handmade from brass and decorated with hand-painting techniques from Marrakech. The unique design of this tea set makes it a wonderful addition to your kitchen or dining room decor.
The Moroccan Serving Tray from Marrakech Crafts is a beautiful brass serving tray decorated with a unique design, which can be used as a beautiful centerpiece for your table décor or as an elegant accessory to your kitchen decor.
All these Moroccan trays are handcrafted in Morocco, they are practical and can be used to serve drinks and snacks, or simply to place trays on the wall for decoration purposes.

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