Luxury Moroccan Vintage Tea pot

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Original Moroccan Teapot Silver

$ 69,00$ 119,00

Luxury Large Moroccan Tea Pot

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Simple Gold Moroccan Teapot

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Moroccan Teapot Collection

Bring this fantastic Moroccan silver teapot to your home and enjoy its charm, beauty, and functionality. They were Handcrafted in Marrakesh, in the ancient imperial capital of Morocco north of the High Atlas Mountains, by silversmiths using traditional methods and materials. This tea kettle is the perfect size for a dinner party or a casual get-together with friends. The intricate hand-embossed design accentuates any room in your home, creating a warm and inviting presence with a hint of Moroccan flair. Pair it with traditional clear mugs and place it next to your tagline, or incorporate it into your grandmother’s cupboard – these teapots collections

Moroccan teapots are beautiful collectibles or decorative accents for any room, emphasizing Moroccan culture and uniqueness to your space. Offered in many shapes, sizes, and designs, our tea kettles will help you create an inviting atmosphere anywhere by adding layers of personalization to your living environment. They’re perfect as gifts too!
They are genuinely versatile for any decor.
Moroccan teapots are made using simple brass molds, which are hand-carved in special workshops. The base is made by soldering several pieces of brass, though most modern makers will use a single sheet of brass.
A traditional design is for the top part of the pot to resemble a small house, complete with a chimney and tiny windows. The teapot is essentially shaped like a doll’s house, which many Moroccans believe brings good luck to the household.
The teapot’s spout also tends to be very ornate with various designs, including bars, which are meant to represent the attempt by the djinn to escape the pot when water is poured over the tea.

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