Tea sets are traditional Moroccan tea accessories. Moroccan tea sets include glasses, trays, teapots, and cups essential for every household in Morocco. Tea sets are also a vital accessory for coffee, whose tradition remains alive in Morocco. Moroccan tea sets are available in different designs. The Moroccan tea set is the emblem of the Moroccan tradition of hospitality and sharing with your guests.
The Moroccan tradition of sharing cups of tea is an integral part of the social aspect of Moroccan life. Tea drinking is considered an essential feature of hospitality. The gesture is hospitality, “to share the tea is to share the heart.” The host is expected to offer his guest tea to show his kindness, generosity, and hospitality.
The Marrakeche Crafts Moroccan Tea Set includes a silver or brass teapot, tea glasses, or teacups. This set is the perfect addition to your Moroccan kitchen decor.

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