"Moroccan style home decor is an old art of interior design, combining different civilizations and traditions to give interiors a bohemian magic touch."

Moroccan Living Room

The Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan pouf, suede pillows, bohemian seats, and other custom handmade furniture. All are handcrafted in Morocco. 

Farmhouse living room furniture

The Moroccan Rug

Moroccan rug making is associated with old traditions and techniques for Moroccan room decor.


Moroccan Leather Pouf Natural Tan

The Moroccan leather pouf Natural Tan is everything you’ve ever dreamed of; get the look of Morocco in your home without breaking the bank. This Moroccan leather pouf is stylish, comfortable, and extremely versatile. With its design that beautifully blends traditional Moroccan motifs with modern, high-quality Moroccan leather, this Moroccan leather pouf adds a touch of Moroccan style to any space while providing years of wear and comfort. Leather Pouf Natural ,leather pouf, pouf, leather, leather pouf ottoman, leather foot pouf, ottoman pouf leather, the leather poufs, leather pouf seat, leather pouf stool, ottoman leather pouf, leather foot rest pouf, leather pouf ottoman, moroccan leather pouf, brown leather pouf, round leather pouf, cb2 leather pouf, large leather pouf, tan leather pouf, moroccan leather pouf ottoman, round leather pouf ottoman, leather pouf coffee table, brown leather pouf ottoman, dark brown leather pouf, small leather pouf, large leather pouf ottoman, camel leather pouf, leather pouf round, saddle leather pouf, leather pouf chair, tan leather pouf ottoman, small leather pouf ottoman, nuloom leather pouf, genuine leather pouf, boho leather pouf, leather pouf cover, modern leather pouf, moroccan leather pouf brown, leather pouf moroccan, leather pouf seat, large square leather pouf, leather pouf seating , camel leather pouf ottoman, vintage leather pouf, best leather pouf, leather pouf sale, moroccan leather pouf ottoman footstool, tan moroccan leather pouf, moroccan prestige leather pouf, leather pouf stool, moroccan leather pouf australia, moroccan leather pouf nz, cheap leather pouf , leather pouf uk, classic leather pouf furniture, leather pouf australia, leather pouf target, moroccan decor, footstool, beang bag chair, floor cushion, genuine leather, chair, furniture, handmade moroccan, pouf living room, pouf coffee table, pouf natural, Handcrafted genuine Moroccan leather, known as Pouf, is made of genuine soft leather. The stool is so practical that it can be used as a footstool, as a low stool by a coffee table, or in your kids’ room. This Pouf provides comfort and durability to the pillows. Bottom zip opening for easy stuffing.
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In the Moroccan home decor ideas, the kilim rug Moroccan pattern can sometimes have more symbolic significance than simply being used as floor coverings. 

Moroccan house decor


renovated from antique Berber rugs and handwoven by Berber women in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco for Moroccan inspired decor.

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