Square Poufs

Stylish Moroccan Leather Pouffe Ottoman – 100% Natural

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Moroccan Square Leather Pouf, Natural Brown

Original price was: $ 137.00.Current price is: $ 87.00.

Stylish Leather Pouf Square with White Stitching in Dark Brown

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Brown Leather Ottoman Square Footstool

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Stylish Moroccan White Square Leather Pouf

Original price was: $ 137.00.Current price is: $ 87.00.

Step into the luxurious world of our Moroccan Square Pouf Collection – a unique range of square leather poufs designed to bring a touch of elegance to any space. Made from high-quality genuine leather, our poufs come in a range of colors to suit your style and decor, including brown, black, blue, white, and natural color.

Whether you’re looking to add extra seating, a footstool pouf or a pouf coffee table to your living room sets, or a stylish accent piece to your bedroom sets, our large square pouf ottomans are a perfect choice. Their intricate stitching adds a unique touch, making them a stand-out feature of any room.

At our store, you have the option to choose between two poufs stuffed or unstuffed. If you prefer a softer, cozier feel, choose the stuffed option. For those who prefer a firmer feel or want to customize their own stuffing, choose the unstuffed option. Whichever you choose, you’ll love the look and feel of our leather Moroccan poufs.

Our leather living room sets are designed to impress, with each square pouf adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Use them as standalone seating or as a footstool pouf for a comfortable place to relax. Lightweight and easy to move around, our poufs are perfect for any room.

In conclusion, our Moroccan Square Pouf Collection is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their decor. With the option of stuffed or unstuffed and a range of colors to choose from, our leather floor poufs will add the perfect blend of comfort and style to your home. So, why wait? Order your unique piece today and transform your space!

For those looking to purchase in larger quantities, we offer wholesale pricing on our Moroccan Square Pouf Collection. Contact us to learn more about our bulk ordering options and pricing.