Kilim Henbel – Colorful Moroccan Rug, 8.2×5 FT

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Kilim Henbel – Colorful Moroccan Rugs, 8.2×5 FT

Luxury at an affordable price
Burberry Low Pile Rug is exquisite in antique style, with subtle and elegant geometric patterns. These Colorful Moroccan Rugs of small dimensions can find their place anywhere in the house or apartment: living room, child’s bedroom, hallway… You will be spoiled for choice for a magical result. Your interior will never be the same again with this selection of small Berber rugs.

Hanbels are detailed bohemian-style handmade rugs. The carpets have a long history in Ait Hamza. Even before the arrival of Islam in the 9th century, Hanbals were gifts given only to wealthy, noble families in the area. The value of a Hanbal comes from their unique beauty and the incredible skill required to make one. It can take a woman over one month to complete an average-sized Hanbal. Over time, the Hanbal evolved from a gift reserved for nobility and became one of the main ways families in Ait Hamza generated income for their basic needs. This tradition still continues today as many women depend on Hanbals as their sole source of income.

This Moroccan Rug is made of fine virgin wool, handwoven by Berber weavers from the Khemisset region.

  • This handmade product is unique. If the ordered design is not available we can produce one for you. Please note that the production process may take between 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Size: 8.2×5 Foot (2,5 / 1,5 Metres)
  • Made: Handmade In Morocco
  • Material(s): 100% Wool
  • Ships from Marrakech.

Walking on Moroccan Handmade Rugs By Colour is the coziest feeling, not only will it bring happy vibes to your décor and add tons of personality, but it’s also such a charm to walk on every day. I know I’ve been repeating myself but, all you need is a Moroccan rug to make a room, it’s a statement piece you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Kilim Henbel – Colorful Moroccan Rug, 8.2×5 Ft

Kilim Henbel – Colorful Moroccan Rugs

Often, Berber women draw meaningful symbols on their rug either to protect their families, to bring happiness to their home, or as a tribute to nature…

Moroccan Colorful Rugs are made of raw wool by alternating patterns of one knotted line and one or two woven lines, according to a cultural ritual that mothers have passed on to their daughters for generations.

These one-of-a-kind Moroccan Rugs makes entirely handmade from natural colored wool thanks to a natural organic dye that makes it very soft and easy to care for.

You can order this same rug or you could also play around with the colors. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email if you have any further questions about ordering custom Moroccan rugs, we’d be happy to help you create the rug of your dreams!

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