Our tips will provide you with the step-by-step process of how to fill a Moroccan pouf to match the pictures that we are going to overlay.

Therefore I share these different methods to fill up your Leather Moroccan Pouf, so let me tell you what the most common mistake is. People just don’t fill up their poufs enough!

The easiest way to fill your Moroccan leather ottoman with two 40-ounce bags or (three pounds) of polyester.

How to fill a Moroccan pouf to look like that

Types of filling materials:

In Morocco, they use various materials to fill up pillows, including old clothes, used sheets, or even towels. This way, the pillows offer a refreshing and comforting warmth. These materials give the pouf a full and firm shape and appearance, while also acting as a good way to tidy up your clothes. A somewhat softer chair can also be found with newspapers or bags of plastic, for example. Moreover, polyester, polyether, foam blocks, or natural fiber.

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How to fill a Moroccan pouf (Steps):

First of all, there is a large zipper at the bottom of our Moroccan poufs which makes them pretty easy to fill. The poufs are pretty deep, so the stuffing fills over the top.

  1. Prepare your materials by drying it and cleaning it.
  2. Zip the pouf open, pushing the ends inward.
  3. Start filling all the circles while making sure to cover the small spaces around the edges and that the entire surface is completely filled.
  4. While continually adding layers of material, you should push them down firmly until the pouf is completely filled.
  5. Zipping up the pouf again, test it out!

When you are sitting comfortably, looking good, and your eye-catcher is comfortable, you are good to go and have fun with your new leather pouf!

They really are great outdoor furniture, and they are comfy too, which is why they are great patio furniture to use, relax, or play on.

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