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Piggy Pink

Straw Backpack With Leather Handles

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Moroccan Straw Shopper Bag With Pom Poms

$ 65,00


Professional manufacturers make Moroccan straw bags with woven straw material. They are fashionable and can be used for indoor and outdoor uses. You’ll love these Moroccan Straw beach Bags from Marrakeche Crafts. The straw tote is handmade with care from a selection of high-quality materials.

Moroccan straw bags totes are an essential summer accessory. Get your Moroccan straw purses now and feel the joy that comes with carrying a piece of Morocco’s camel culture with you every day. Moroccan straw bags, an easy and convenient way to carry around goodies in style, come in various styles and sizes that will suit any occasion. You won’t find any compromise in quality or kind in these bag designs with their chic eye-appealing designs and the authentic taste of Morocco.

The ancient Egyptians first recorded the use of straw, which would make baskets and storage containers from dried wheat and rice straws.
There were several traditional ways to make straw: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally (twisting two bundles together). The vertical method was probably the earliest method used and the most trying. It involved cutting wheat and rice straws to the desired length then bundling them together using a looped thread at one end. Dipped into glue or adhesive mixture that helped bind them together, then fell into the hot oil.

The Marrakeche Crafts Company is dedicated to the promotion of artisanal Moroccan crafts. For their price range in handmade items, they are unique in their quality.
Handmade products are not just novelties with artisans creating them with no thought given to productivity or sustainability; they are a way of life. Their company was founded on the principle that all people contribute to sustainable development. Producing these high-quality hand-crafted items fulfills this commitment by facilitating economic growth and preserving arts and craft traditions for future generations. The artists most likely involved with Marrakeche Crafts come from rural or desert communities with little industry, allowing them to make what they do best while providing work for others who might be less skilled at making handicrafts but still want job opportunities.

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