It is not possible for those who visited Marrakech for the first time in their life not to return to it again and again, how is it not and the magic that makes visitors flock to it in winter and summer, but in all seasons, given the available offers that tempt them.

Marrakech provides for those wishing to spend their summer vacation everything they need, as the red city provides its services to the rich and middle class alike, and even the low-income people receive the capital of the palm and honor their hospitality with services at the cheapest prices, whether in relation to food, tourist places, historical monuments, urban transport buses and unrated hotels And sports from 100 dirhams per night, in addition to Mohawis by purchasing gifts and souvenirs.

And if other cities are distinguished by their quality in a specific time, then the city of Al-Bahjah with its four seasons is suitable for receiving travelers at all times, as the atmosphere is pleasant with bright sunshine and temperatures that, despite their high in the summer, the swimming pools available in most of the hotel and the air-conditioning do not disturb the comfort of the visitor who quickly What lives enjoyable moments with its warm night that combines the folk circle, musical arts, and the nights of the Thousand and One Nights held in the midst of famous hotels and riads.

Marrakech… The City Of A Thousand And One Nights
Marrakech… the city of a thousand and one nights

“Riads” Travel through history

Among the places that stimulate the collection of bags and heading towards Marrakech to spend the summer vacation in it, are the “Riads” that travel in its residents to the ancient history of the city, starting from the narrow alleys and gates decorated with inscriptions. “Riads” provides a space for relaxation and reconciliation with nature, in addition to its comprehensive services between originality and contemporary, through rooms overlooking the courtyard of Riad and a corridor on a roof that has a panoramic view, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all of which make spending two nights or more an experience worth living and repeating.

Marrakech… The City Of A Thousand And One Nights
Marrakech… the city of a thousand and one nights

Djemaa El-Fna

The legendary Jamaâ El Fna Square and the Koutoubia Mosque are the two main sites in Marrakesh, in which one cannot complete a visit to the city of Seven Men or talk about solutions without discovering them.
The “Jemaa El Fna” square is considered a meeting place for visitors to Marrakech, as the vibrant square and movement are full of day and night with visitors, as a result of its embrace of the most famous pioneers of ring art and multiple groups of folklore combining Amazigh, Arabic and Aita art, in addition to street art performances of acrobatic movements and challenges that dazzle passers-by and crowds.
Known for its ring art and folk art, snake pioneers, henna discussions, and tattoos by day, the square transform at night into an ideal oasis for al fresco dining, with countless stalls featuring traditional lamb dishes and fresh orange juice, along with host of other delicacies.
Moroccan and foreign tourists flock to Marrakesh throughout the year to discover its endless charm, in light of the places that are tempted to visit, whether natural or the tourist services that the city of Seven Men includes and its suburbs.

Marrakech… The City Of A Thousand And One Nights
Marrakech… the city of a thousand and one nights

Nights of Staying up late

It is not possible to talk about the Marrakech night without talking about nightclubs, which are not an exception to this, as they also call on their staff to prepare a plan for the summer season.
The plan for the nightclubs in Al-Bahjah City is to draft a special summer program that includes a list of famous artists and others known only to those who visit these nightspots, as this program is a hope for the project owners to entice night owls to visit their clubs and boxes.

As soon as the night falls, restaurants, nightclubs, and classified hotels, as well as sports, begin to receive a large number of visitors to the city who accept to have dinner with families and friends or the company of lovers to classify the songs of singers who travel with guests to the world of comfort and night, so spend a night energized by makers and movers For the senses, a service that extends into the late hours of the morning, which makes Marrakesh a city that never sleeps.


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