What Makes Moroccan Interior Design Unique?

The unique charm of Moroccan interior design lies in its vibrant cultural tapestry, celebrating a mélange of African, Arabian, and European influences. Every facet of Moroccan interiors — from the bright, bold colors reminiscent of the country’s landscapes and spices, to the complex geometric patterns echoing Islamic art — speaks of its rich heritage.

Moroccan homes are typically adorned with handcrafted furniture and accessories, laden with meticulously carved patterns. The use of natural materials like wood, metal, and leather lends an earthy, authentic touch to the decor. Key features like Moroccan lanterns, ornate mirrors, poufs, and an array of textiles further elevate the style’s opulence and allure.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide
Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

Moroccan Decor Versus Bohemian: Understanding the Differences

While Moroccan and Bohemian designs share common ground in their use of bold colors, eclectic patterns, and natural materials, they diverge significantly in their overall ambiance and sophistication.

Moroccan style often exudes a sense of formality and elegance. It leans heavily towards geometric patterns and symmetry, mirroring the precision and discipline found in traditional Islamic art and architecture. On the other hand, Bohemian style embraces a more relaxed, carefree ethos, showcasing a mishmash of organic patterns and textures. Its free-spirited nature encourages personal expression and individuality, unlike the more consistent and traditional Moroccan design.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide
Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Incorporating Moroccan Decor in Your Home

1. Transform Your Walls

Moroccan interiors are renowned for their dynamic, colorful walls adorned with intricate patterns. You can emulate this by painting your walls in vibrant hues, or using Moroccan-inspired wall decals, murals, or even patterned wallpaper. Consider a feature wall to create a striking focal point.

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2. Invest in Authentic Moroccan Rugs

Known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy traffic, Moroccan rugs are an excellent addition to any space. They inject color and pattern, enhancing the overall design scheme. These rugs often feature traditional Berber symbols and are usually hand-knotted, lending a touch of authenticity and high quality to your home.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

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3. Add Luxurious Moroccan Textiles

Moroccan textiles, including cushions, throws, curtains, and poufs, serve as stunning accents that instantly elevate a space. Crafted from luxurious materials such as silk and velvet, these textiles offer an effortless way to incorporate the Moroccan aesthetic into your decor.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

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4. Light up the Space with Moroccan Lanterns

Lanterns are a quintessential element of Moroccan design, casting beautiful shadows and creating an enchanting ambience. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, Moroccan lanterns can add depth and drama to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

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5. Showcase Moroccan Furniture

Intricately carved wooden or metal furniture is a hallmark of Moroccan interiors. Displaying such pieces not only adds visual interest but also infuses a sense of exoticism and culture into your home.

6. Enhance Your Decor with Moroccan Accessories

Moroccan accessories, including hand-painted ceramics, metal vases, and figurines, can impart personality and charm. Whether placed on a coffee table or a bookshelf, these unique accents serve as conversation starters, catching the eye with their vibrant colors and intricate details.

Transform Your Home with Moroccan Interior Design: The Ultimate Guide

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Trends, Quality, and Shopping Tips for Moroccan Decor

Moroccan poufs and rugs have withstood the test of time, continuing to be stylish and versatile choices for home decor. These elements can serve multiple functions – from seating and footrests to decorative features, bringing a distinct Moroccan vibe to your space.

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When shopping for Moroccan decor, particularly rugs, it’s crucial to look for high-quality materials like wool or silk, and hand-knotted options which generally offer more durability than machine-made alternatives.

To find Moroccan decor, explore online retailers, home décor stores, or even department stores. For those on a budget, discounted items can be found online, and treasures can be discovered at flea markets or garage sales.


Embracing Moroccan interior design can dramatically transform your home, infusing it with exoticism, warmth, and a dash of glamour. This guide provides you with an understanding of the unique Moroccan aesthetic and offers practical tips to seamlessly blend this style into your existing decor. With a bit of creativity and an appreciation for rich, cultural designs, you can achieve a stylish, comfortable, and truly Moroccan-inspired home.

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